Did I ever tell you about the criminal who tried making me an accomplice to his crime?


Shortly after 5:00pm, I was waiting to pull out from a parking garage in downtown New Bedford when a police officer came whizzing by. I didn’t think much of it as I approached a near by red light. My eyes followed the officer as he began driving over my workplace’s property. It wasn’t until then I noticed the officer was chasing a man on foot.

Here I am, making hand gestures to the car next to me, pointing, laughing,  jaw dropping while a criminal is at large in my rear view mirror. In the blink of an eye a man appeared between our windows. “Holy shit,” I thought. He ducked down immediately making eye contact with me. “No way,” I thought. I watched as his eyes made their way down to the door handle. My hand instinctively darted at the automatic locks. The light powered on signifying a door had been opened, but in that second the latch had caught. His tug on the door handle boomed throughout my silent car, it was in-SANE. He held eye contact almost seeking pity. That’s when I pointed my finger at his sorry face and told him to piss off. No one believes me when I tell them that part, but I swear! I was tough! I watched as he made his way through the intersection, the lights changed as cars stayed put. Five cruisers circled the suspect and emerged into the street, guns drawn. In the blink of an eye he was thrown on the hood of an SUV. After some struggle the criminal was cuffed, the light turned green and I drove away. Within minutes I had verbally spoken with 8 individuals, left 3 voicemails and tweeted.

I logged onto SouthCoastToday.com where I learned he stole laptop computers from BCC and  had a knife on him the night of his arrest. My mind never drifts too far in the could haves, but damn if I didn’t lock my ex-boyfriend out of as many cars I did I don’t know if I’d be here.

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