My first celebrity sighting

Did I ever tell you guys about the time I waved to Jeremy Renner?

He waved back. It was your average pregame in Boston, when a friend recommended we try the Liberty Hotel’s downstairs bar. The idea of going to a hotel wasn’t all that enthusing, but I agreed. After all, I’m essentially a glorified Boston tourist who’s traveled the city the last 7 years without ever knowing where I am.

We get to the Liberty Hotel and go about business as usual, standing awkwardly in a crowded room aggressively drinking beer, when I overhear people talking about how “the dude from the Hurt Locker is here.” If you know me at all, you know that celebrities are one my guiltiest pleasures. Typically, upon admitting this  I’m told they’re “just ordinary people.” Yup. They’re ordinary people who are more than likely always doing something extraordinarily cooler than what you’re doing – always. I’m currently sitting alone, waiting for a chicken breast to bake, after a 10 hour work day that included designing landing pages targeted towards HIV doctors.
The dude from Hurt Locker was somewhere in this bar and I had to find him. I grabbed a blonde friend and turned around to see a swarm of people all looking in one direction. We made our way over and shamelessly stood on our tip toes to sneak a peek. There he was! I did what I thought was most appropriate  -aggressively wave. We’re talking 2nd grader on the bus saving a seat for his best friend, 90 degree bend, high velocity, vertical motioned wave. Security was being a tad pushy and certainly ruined my moment, but Jeremy did indeed wave back and just like that, 4 years later, it is still a top 5 moment.  Before I could comprehend this blessing from above, my blonde friend was making her way over to security. I watched as she pointed next to Jeremy on the sofa. Security then asked us to leave. The only thing on my agenda for the remainder of the night was to talk about about Jeremy Renner. As I’m walking out the door, I bring it upon myself to arrogantly inform the bouncer of who’s sitting in his bar. He then proceeds to tell me that I just fucking missed Bradley Cooper and JLaw.  At least I know where I’ll be the next time a movie is being filmed.

American Hustle

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